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Adaptil Diffuser, Adaptil Collars and Adaptil Spray

ADAPTIL - Dog Appeasing Pheromone - (Formerly DAP)

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What is ADAPTIL?

ADAPTIL is a synthetic copy of the natural canine appeasing pheromone. Appeasing pheromone is naturally released by lactating mammals to comfort and reassure offspring. Adaptil is canine specific which means it will not be effective in other species. Adaptil is odourless to humans. Adaptil will not have any sedative affects on the dog and is able to be used alongside other medications as it is non-systemic. ADAPTIL is produced by the company CEVA and was formerly known by the name DAP.

In what form does ADAPTIL come?

Firstly there is an
Adaptil diffuser. It is plugged into a socket in the house. Normally it is recommended to plug Adaptil in a room where the dog spends most of their time. This may be where they have their bed. The diffuser covers an area of 50-70 square meters. It should be plugged in continuously 24 hours a day. Each vial of Adaptil will last for 4 weeks and once it has run out Adaptil diffuser refills can be purchased separately.

You can also buy
ADAPTIL in a spray form. This can be sprayed onto bedding, in the car, in a puppy crate/kennel. 8-10 pumps need to be applied each application and you need to allow 15 minutes between spraying the object and allowing the dog to use it. Effects will last 2-3 hours so if going on a long car journey the spray may need to be reapplied.  The Adaptil spray will be better if you need intermittent use i.e. car journeys. For continuous problems the Adaptil plug in or collar will be a better solution.

ADAPTIL collar is also available. Once the collar is placed on the dog the body temperature warms up the collar and releases the pheromones into the environment. The Adaptil collar needs to be on relatively tightly in order to work as it needs to be in close contact with the dog’s skin. The collar should be left on all the time and will last for 4 weeks each time. The collar can be replaced after 4 weeks. The Adaptil collar is available in 2 sizes. One for puppies/small dogs which fits necks up to 37.5cm and one for medium/large dogs which fits necks up to 62.5cm.

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What is ADAPTIL used for?

ADAPTIL can be used throughout a dog’s life:

PuppyADAPTIL can be used immediately from picking your puppy up from the breeder. Any negative experiences the puppy has in the first 12 weeks of their lives can really affect how they then react and behave as adults. When collecting the puppy from the breeder you can make sure there is some ADAPTIL in the car so that travelling is not so frightening. It is also possible to put a ADAPTIL collar on as soon as you collect your puppy so that any experience they have socialising will be a positive one (this may include first trip to the vets and first time out walking). Leaving the puppy alone for the first night can be terrifying for them so spraying ADAPTIL in the crate where they are sleeping will help them to relax easier. As the spray only lasts for 2-3 hours it is best applied last thing before bedtime.

Adolescent – In the first 18 months of their lives dogs will still be having experiences they have not known before. E.g. Christmas/firework night etc. Some dogs cannot cope with the amount of extra people and noise around Christmas time. Fireworks can be difficult for a lot of dogs which means if we can make this time less stressful on the first occasion they are less likely to be so worried about it when it comes round each year.

Some dogs get re homed in the first 1-2 years of their life. As they have been in a re homing centre they will have had to adjust to life in a kennel. Their experience may not be such a good one and therefore they may come out of kennels with more anxious behaviour traits. Most of these behaviours will be temporary but some may have formed a habit and therefore be more difficult to change.
ADAPTIL can help making them feel relaxed in their new home.

Adulthood – ADAPTIL can also be helpful right the way through to adulthood. They will have settled into life nicely by now but sometimes there are situations that may cause the dog stress. E.g. relationship changes between owners, new family members, boarding kennels, moving house etc.

There are no side effects to any of the ADAPTIL products.

The Adaptil product will be working within 24 hours of application. Results may be immediate or may take longer depending on the severity of the behaviour that you are trying to deal with. The product should be used for at least a month before deciding whether it is of ongoing benefit for your individual dog.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Buying Adaptil For Your Dog

- Treating dogs with behavioural problems can become expensive

- Many dogs with behavioural problems such as separation anxiety, noise phobias, and stress would benefit from Adaptil

- Adaptil Collars, Adaptil Spray, Adaptil Diffusers and Adaptil refills are available from at significantly lower prices than from veterinary surgeons

- Dog Appeasing Pheromone products made by CEVA are all available without prescription and you can purchase Adaptil for Dogs online

- Dog owners may purchase Dog Appeasing Pheromone products from their vet but could make huge savings by buying the cheapest dog Adaptil online at

- You may also purchase Feliway for cats, Zylkene and a complete range of prescription and nonprescription medicines at

- The most cost effective way to buy Adaptil diffuser refills is Adaptil Diffuser refill multibuy

- The Dog Appeasing Pheromone we supply is exactly the same as the Adaptil you would purchase from your vet though typically 40-60% cheaper
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Firework and Noise Phobias
One of the most common behavioural problems in dogs is the fear of loud noises such as fireworks. There are several ways to deal with this problem including desenitisation using a SOUNDS SCARY CD
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What is Zylkene?

Zylkene capsules for dogs and cats is a natural product designed to manage stress in dogs and cats. It can also be very useful in helping animals to adapt to any changes that may happen throughout their lives. Any change however big or small can be very stressful to an animal. This may include new babies in the family, moving house, putting them into kennels or cattery, introducing a new pet to the household or even small events such as moving furniture.
It can be used in animals of all ages whether its puppies settling into a new home or older cats getting used to a new family member.

Zylkene capsules for dogs and cats has not been associated with any side effects so is suitable for many animals.

Zylkene comes in three sizes: 75mg, 225mg and 450mg. It comes in the form of a capsule filled with powder. This needs to be given orally on a daily basis. The different sizes of capsules are colour coded as shown below.

Zylkene is fast acting so only needs to be started a day prior to a stressful event, such as going to kennels/cattery.

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